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Friday, 19 February 2016

My Best 10 Minute Bitcoin Faucets

Box Bitcoin - You can claim 21-212,766 satoshi. It’s collects on the site. Your balance will be paid directly to your bitcoin wallet on Sunday each week providing it is at least 5,500 satoshi.

Satoshi City - You can claim 85-26,691 satoshi. It’s collects on the site. Instant payments to your bitcoin wallet as soon as you reach cashout threshold of 10,000 satoshis.


  1. $$$$$$$ BITCOIN FAUCET ROTATOR ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥
    * CLAIM 10,000 Satoshi in only 5 MINUTES.
    * MAXIMIZE your Satoshis per Claim ratio.
    * HIGHEST PAYING FAUCETS, starting at 5,000 satoshi per claim.
    £££££££ ******** GO TO THE FAUCET ROTATOR ******** €€€€€€€

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  3. Earn faucet satoshis from CLAIM BTC Faucet. Up to 57 satoshis every 20 minutes.

  4. Over at Moon Bitcoin you can get faucet bitcoins. 29 satoshi every 5 minutes.